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Priscilla is a calligrapher 



Created Calligraphy 

My designs often draw inspiration from old Europe, open architectural spaces and most of all fashion. My fleeting dream of being a stylist has translated into the classic and minimalist approach I take to creating paper goods. My aim as a calligrapher is to create pieces that represent my clients' personalities with the beauty of elegant lettering and clean, yet striking illustrations. 

Created Calligraphy was named for my belief that we were made by a God that delights in creating. Despite our cracked and broken parts, He has made each of us beautiful and capable of creating beauty ourselves. This idea that we are created to create truly drives my process and each project I work on always begins by hand. I see the little flaws that show in each handmade piece as a welcomed and authentic part of what I do. Each product is made unique from beginning to end. 

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Priscilla Lim

When I'm not creating for my clients, you can find me in a classroom. As a middle school teacher by trade, I spend much of my time teaching young minds to create,  to use deodorant and to be kind. Nothing is better to me than spending time with the people I care about, but at the end of the day a good cup of coffee and a book (in bed) comes at a close second. 

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